TriIs Business Services Inc.

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TriIs Business Services Inc.

TriIs Business Services Inc. was established in June 2010 to centralize administrative works of the group companies. In the future, we will work to offer our services not only to the group companies but also to external companies.

Address 8-4-1, Toshima, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0003
Date (Year) of establishment 2010
Representative Representative Director, President Mitsue Seki
Paid-in capital 50milllion yen
Principal business Controlling administrative works of the TriIs group companies

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2010 TriIs Business Services Inc. established

Message from TriIs management

Mitsue Seki Representative Director and CEO TriIs Business Services Inc.(Director of TriIs Inc.)

Representative Director and CEO TriIs Business Services Inc.
Mitsue Seki
(Director of TriIs Inc.)

TriIs Business Services Inc. is a company that performs focused administration function of the TriIs group companies. Delivering services to the employees of the TriIs Group companies is, of course, our important task. At the same time, TriIs Business Services Inc. has another important function as a flagship company of the TriIs group; specifically a. enhancing the efficacy of TriIs Group as a whole, b. workflow improvement, c. restructuring and streamlining of management structure and organization, d. further permeation of TriIs Management Principles and Corporate Philosophy and Group Goals, and e. compliance enhancement. Each one of us works vigorously and sincerely with a sense of common purpose to lead the TriIs Group toward sustainable corporate value enhancement even in the tense business environment through further strengthening the organization.