Crearia Inc.

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Crearia Inc.

Since 1965, Crearia Inc. has been providing water-related construction consulting services, specializing in projects in upstream regions of rivers centering on dams to estuaries and seacoasts. Crearia has engaged in the constructions of more than three- hundreds dams in Japan. Crearia constitutes TriIs' construction consultant SBU.

Address New Otani Garden Court 8F, 4-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
Date of establishment 1965
Representative Representative Director, President Hitoshi Ikeda
Paid-in capital 100million yen
Business establishments Tohoku branch, Kanto branch, Hokuriku branch, Chubu branch, Kansai branch, Shikoku branch, Kyushu branch, Tsukuba Research Institute, etc.
Principal business Comprehensive construction consulting (Surveying, planning, design, administration)

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1965 INA New Civil Engineering Research Institute the predecessor of Crearia Inc. established in Nishikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
1966 Registered as a construction consultant and survey contractor with Ministry of Construction
(currently Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
1977 Registered as geological survey contractor with then Ministry of Construction
2007 Joined the TriIs group
2010 Changed company name into Crearia Inc.
2018 Head office Moved to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Message from TriIs management

Hitoshi Ikeda Representative Director and CEO Crearia Inc.(Representative Director and CEO of TriIs Inc.)

Hitoshi Ikeda Representative Director and CEO
Hitoshi Ikeda
(Representative Director and CEO of TriIs Inc.)

As a country frequently hit by natural disasters, Japan is facing increasingly aging infrastructure mostly built during the period of high economic growth, with equipment renovation, extension of service life, and the effective utilization of existing stock looming as urgent challenges. On the other hand, as environmental issues such as global warming become apparent, it is imperative to conserve the global environment and create a sustainable society. Since its establishment, Crearia has consistently been engaged in the maintenance and design of river-related infrastructure. Taking full advantage of our accumulated know-how and always improving our special technical expertise in water, we will continue to meet ever-changing social needs. Furthermore, turning our eyes toward neighboring regions and upstream regions in addition to our existing business fields, Crearia will make efforts to evolve into a company actively committed to environmental conservation and restoration. Our aim is to be a company with a distinctive presence with the most advanced technical skills and customer support even though small in size in the construction consulting industry.