Selective Inc.

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Selective Inc.

Selective Inc. was established in May 2010 to strengthen e-commerce for the TriIs Group’s fashion brand business, and at the same time commenced operations and management of official online shops for CLATHAS and Hamano. In addition, it launched an English version of the official online shop, called TriIs fashion ONLINE, to improve convenience for increasing overseas customers, mainly from the Asia region.

Address 8-4-1, Toshima, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0003
Date (Year) of establishment 2010
Representative Representative Director, President Yukiko Sato
Paid-in capital 50milllion yen
Principal business Mail-order business through the Internet, Internet shopping malls and Internet sites operation, import, export and sale of clothing, bags and accessories

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2010 Selective Inc. established

Message from TriIs management

Yukiko Sato Representative Director and CEO Selective Inc. (Representative Director and COO of TriIs Inc.)

Representative Director and CEO Selective Inc.
Yukiko Sato
(Representative Director and COO of TriIs Inc.)

In step with growing inbound spending in recent years, the so-called “cross-border EC market” has seen a steep rise as increasing overseas customers purchase products at Japanese EC sites. Under these circumstances, for the EC business of the TriIs group, we have launched an EC site (TriIs fashion ONLINE) for overseas customers in June 2015 in an effort to prepare for full-blown globalization. We have concentrated the fashion brands within the group into this single website to centralize access and improve system efficiency. These efforts are showing results in actual numerical data, albeit slowly. Going forward, we would like to develop an organizational structure such that the same periodical exposure as we get domestically through Facebook and email distribution, etc., can be obtained in multiple languages, thereby entering global markets on a full scale.