Corporate Philosophy

Management Principles

We aim to realize the following management principles

We strive to become a corporate group that values customer-centered innovation and ingenuity
We strive to become a corporate group that pursue a socially and environmentally responsible path toward economic success
We strive to become a corporate group that provide employees with safe and pleasant working environment where they have opportunities for growth and learning
We strive to become a corporate group that establishes cordial relationships with all stakeholders namely shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, and society

Corporate Philosophy

We are committed to accomplishing the following three "Is" and to create a new corporate value

  • Insight

    We, with sharpened insight, apprehend needs of our time clearly and precisely, to be always ready to contrive visionary plan for new business development for you

  • Integrity

    We, every single member of us, diligently mold corporate culture of dignity, integrity and honor

  • Initiative

    We take initiative and act proactively whenever we conduct business

Corporate symbol


TriIs corporate symbol emblematizes our corporate philosophy that has three elements with same initial letter "I" i.e. Insight, Integrity, Initiative, while accentuating initial "T" letter of TriIs to make our image to register in your mind. Featuring the TriIs sprit of innovation and challenge, the symbolic "T" created by combining stout square shapes represents our motto of integrity and our values of people-centered business and it also portrays TriIs infinite growth potential to grow and expand beyond.
TriIs corporate symbol was created by a world-renowned designer Mr. Masanori Shinozuka who also designed the logo of Nagano Winter Olympic Game in 1998.