TriIs History

March 1995 TriIs Incorporated. established to develop, design, manufacture, sell computer hardware and software
April 2001 Listed on NASDAQ Japan (currently JASDAQ of Tokyo Stock Exchange)
January 2007 Moved to a pure holding company system to have subsidiaries operate all businesses (to confine to owning and managing subsidiaries)
April 2007 Changed its name to TriIs Incorporated.
November 2007 Made then INA New Engineering Research Institute (currently Crearia Inc.) into a subsidiary.
November 2008 Made Tokyo Blouse Inc. and HAMANO1880 (currently Hamano Inc.) into a subsidiary
February 2009 Head office Moved to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
May 2010 Established Selective Inc.
June 2010 Established TriIs Business Services Inc.
January 2011 Launched licensing business of subsidiaries' trademarks
December 2011 Acquired all shares of TriIs International Inc. (then Tokyo Blouse Inc. (Taiwan)) from Tokyo Blouse Inc. and made it a directly owned subsidiary. TriIs International Inc. inaugurated new services in Taipei.
January 2016 TRIIS INTERNATIONAL AMERICA INC. established in USA