For Inquiries Concerning Trademark Licensing

Dear Prospective Licensee

Thank you for your interest in TriIs licensing business. To qualify to become a TriIs licensee, you must meet the following requirements:

1. A minimum of five years experience in any of or all of the following three business components: manufacturing, distributing and/or retailing.
2. A minimum of five years experience in product category being proposed.
Please note: Meeting the above qualifications in no way implies or guarantees that you will be granted TriIs license.

If you meet the aboves and you would like to become a TriIs licensee, please send us the following information:

1. Company profile
2. Product catalogs or sell sheet
3. Product marketing plan
4. Licensee application form (Please download)

License duration?

One year, in principle.

How are royalties calculated?

The loyalty shall be calculated by multiplying either recommended retail price or wholesale price by the fixed rate.

It is possible to export products outside of Japan?

In principle within Japan only.

Can I sell licensed products online?

Licensed products shall not be sold online.

Retail distribution channel?

Basically it is licensee’s responsibility to develop its own marketing network for licensed products.

For inquiries concerning CLATHAS trademark licensing


TriIs Inc. owns the trademarks including, among others, CLATHAS・HAMANO registered trademarks.
Please fill out the following form to inquire about CLATHAS・HAMANO trademarks:

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