A Message from The CEO

2018, the year to leap forward as a Holding Company

TriIs, Inc. Representative Director & CEO Hitoshi Ikeda

TriIs, Inc. was founded in March 1995 as a software development and sales company, and in April 2001 was listed on the Hercules market of the Osaka Securities Exchange. In January 2007, we changed the form of our organization to be a pure holding company and, in April of the same year, changed the company name to TriIs, Inc., which is the current company name. All business is carried out by group companies, while TriIs, Inc. carries out the management and supervision of group companies. The TriIs Group currently has seven companies. They are all small, but use their intelligence to pursue growth with the goal of becoming shining No. 1 companies in their respective areas. One of the reasons TriIs exists is to revitalize companies that have the potential for growth but have not realized it.
Thanks to the support of everyone, ten years have passed since we changed into a holding company, and business results of our existing business portfolio have been becoming stable. Our group company that we established in the U.S. in January 2016 with the intent of further strengthening the investment business utilizing the company’s unique qualities and that is involved in the real estate and securities investment business also performed well, and we increased its capital by 10 million U.S. dollars last year. In this fiscal year, while we will work to acquire a new business portfolio, at the same time intend to further strengthen the existing three businesses portfolio (fashion brands, construction consultant, and real estate and securities investment). Specifically, we intend to aggressively invest in relocation of business offices of the group companies in Japan, construction of new factory of Hamano, etc. With regard to the overseas business locations, we currently have two locations, Taiwan and the U.S. (Hawaii), and we intend to focus on global business expansion for new business launches. We will pursue global business development for the licensing business, which manages CLATHAS and other trademarks, as well as for real estate and our securities investment business.
The wisdom and strong will cultivated in group company management are themselves the source of value for TriIs. We will continue to innovate in corporate organization itself together with our group companies.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to all our stakeholders for your understanding of our philosophy and diligent efforts and your support over the long term.

January 2018
Hitoshi Ikeda
Representative Director and CEO
TriIs Inc.

Hitoshi Ikeda